The Farm

The Salt Ways

The "Streets of salt", in the past centuries, were the main routes of communication between Liguria and Piedmont: some hardly passable, other high-traffic of wagons, mules and travelers, all with the same function.
The transportation of people and goods crossing the Apennines some steps and some mountain passes or pre-Alpine. Goods transported and exchanged through these roads or dirt roads, very attractive from the point of view of nature and scenic, were oil, salt, salted fish, wine, meat or just money for businesses matured.

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In the same spirit the farm ViedelSale since 10 years is cultivating olive groves in the Ligurian Riviera and produces extra virgin olive oil quality by using production rules very strict and constant.
The extra virgin olive oil that we produce is the synthesis of a journey that starts from the care and love of the land and of nature, cross paths not always easy to follow, and arrive to the careful cultivation with agricultural techniques minimally invasive (as much as possible, close and similar to the natural cycles).

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The result of the journey, is always an oil of excellence, a quality product got "cold" to protect and preserve all the characteristics typical of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Taggiasco."